Here are some programs that will come in handy. It is
assumed that you own these already. These are intended as backups only.

A lot of these come with cracks and/or key generators. Most of the time, cracks and/or key generators are flagged by anti virus scanners. They will be detected as a virus or trojan.

Adobe Toolkit

Goldwave 6.47

Microsoft Office

Microsoft Toolkit

Photoinstrument 7

Photozoom Pro 8

  Pro Show Producer 9

Sony Vegas Pro 11 *pre cracked*

Spinrite 6

Videostudio 10

VSO Convert X to DVD

Winrar 5.00


means to right click the fiile and "Save Target as...". It does NOT mean, open
or run the file from the site. After you save the file to your hard drive,find
it and extract it. Then, you open the folder and double click on the .exe file.
That is referred to as "INSTALLING". It is not called "DOWNLOADING", because we
already did that. Please make sure you read the text files first,if they are
included.  2018