I have found some interesting stuff on the Interwebs. Here are some that I like.

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The Broken Movie is a short film made in 1993 to promote the Broken EP, released in 1992. It is presented as a snuff film, about 20 minutes in length, interspersed with Broken’s four music videos and includes its own video for the song "Gave Up" as its conclusion. The movie was filmed and directed by Peter Christopherson.

The film involves a young man being kidnapped and made to watch Nine Inch Nails videos while being tortured. Trent Reznor once said that the Broken Movie "...makes 'Happiness In Slavery' look like a Disney movie". Much of the cast, save Bob Flanagan in "Happiness In Slavery" and the band itself in "Wish", is unknown. The film was inspired by scenes from Henry: Portrait Of A Serial Killer.




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